You can find on this page the Venice streets map to print and to download in PDF. The Venice roads map presents the road network, main roads, routes and motorways of Venice in Italy.

Venice streets map

Map of Venice streets

The Venice streets map shows all street network and main roads of Venice. This streets map of Venice will allow you to find your routes through the streets of Venice in Italy. The Venice streets map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The city of Venice is built on more than 100 individual islands. While there is only one main road and two proper side streets, 170 canals run through the lagoon city as you can seein Venice streets map. The rest are small alleys, bridges and narrow paths. You can reach Venice by car via the Ponte della Libertà.

Only the narrow streets, bridges and numerous water routes are left to get from one place to another in Venice. For the inhabitants of the lagoon it is often difficult to move in Venice city, but for the many tourists, however, this proves to be a welcome break from the norm. Gondolas, water taxis, ferries and all kinds of boats move every day through the lagoon city and create a lively traffic as its shown in Venice streets map.

In Venice, there are many ways to say 'street. ' A stone paved street is called either a “calle,” “ruga” or “salizada.” “Rio terà” refers to a street over an old canal and a “sottoportego” is a street that goes under a house. The streets get their names not only from their characteristics but also from where they are as its mentioned in Venice streets map.

Venice roads map

Map of Venice roads

The Venice roads map shows all road network and highways of Venice. This roads map of Venice will allow you to find your routes through the roads and motorways of Venice in Italy. The Venice roads map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Venice flourished first and foremost as a trading city. Once one of the greatest trading powers in European history, Venice acted as a significant European maritime port and as one end of the Silk Road (see Venice roads map). In most cities, more roads and other accommodations could be made to make the city easier to traverse. Venice does not have this luxury, as there is little to no room for expansion due to historic canals and buildings.

The nearly 150 canals of the historic city center of Venice as you can see in Venice roads map are crowded with many different types and sizes of boats, not always existing harmoniously. Much like roads, and speed limits and speed enforcement are as much of an issue as for any busy city. Private motor boats are a minor element in traffic volume, which is quite different than in road-based cities, where private cars predominate.

Although driving in Venice is restricted, you cannot drive in Venice, there is no roads—but you can drive to Venice, leave your car in a garage or lot, and proceed to enjoy the city of canals car-free. Since parking costs €24 ($28)–€29 ($34) per day, it is a good idea to return your rental car upon arrival in Venice (see Venice roads map).